idb Ergo - Ergonomics redefined

Unique mounting

Unlike other custom keyboards, the idb Ergo is not mounted with a metal plate. Instead, the PCB rests on gaskets around the sides of the case, resulting in a very comfortable typing experience.

Supreme Ergonomics

The idb Ergo's halves are angled against each other by 18°, paired with its thumb FN key and split spacebars this ensures a comfortable, strain-free typing position - even during prolonged use.

Technical Specs

Milled from a solid block of aluminum 6061, anodized silver, fully programmable using the open source QMK firmware, typing angle of 8 degrees, 19.00mm key spacing, 2.2kg weight, USB Mini connection.

Currently in development

Join the official idb discord server » to stay up to date on this project. We are currently prototyping revision 2 of the design.

Prototype Picture Gallery