Introducing the idb 60

Unique mounting

Unlike other custom keyboards, the idb 60 is not mounted with a metal plate. Instead, the PCB rests on gaskets around the sides of the case, resulting in a very comfortable typing experience.

Just the way you like it

The idb 60 is offered with 4 different top pieces - Winkeyless, MX HHKB, True HHKB and Blockerless. If your switch of choice does not feature PCB mount legs, you can pick up an optional FR4 plate to align them.

Technical Specs

Milled from a solid block of aluminum 6061, anodized silver, fully programmable using the open source QMK firmware, typing angle of 8 degrees, 19.00mm key spacing, 1.2kg weight, USB Mini connection.

Customer Endorsements

Group buy concluded

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Supported Layouts

The idb 60 supports a variety of popular layouts:

Supported Layouts

VIA Compatibility

The idb 60 is supported by the VIA Configurator, making programming it a breeze even for the less technically inclined.

Supported Layouts

Prototype Picture Gallery